It was my birthday on Thursday April 6. The big two-eight!! How on earth did that happen?? I had such a fun morning teaching a raw dessert class and filling my belly with amazing healthy birthday cake. 

My friends had flower into Singapore from Australia the day before so we headed over on Thursday afternoon to stay in the city for two night and catch up. 

With our car still not back on the road just yet, we ventured on the bus through customs and into Singapore. 

I had the guy at the desk giving me a bit of a hard time… he must been bored. Asking me how long I was staying in Singapore for qhen he’s holding the arrival card I have already filled out stating I’m there or 3 days. Then proceeds to ask me why and what I’ve been doing in Malaysia for the past 3 months.. um, nothing! My husband works there and I have a dependent visa… which you’re staring at. Then asks me when I’m returning to new Zealand as I have a new Zealand passport (where is the face palm emoji???) I pointed at my visa and said my visa is from 2 years, I’ll go back in 2 years! 

(This is after 2 hours of waiting and lining up in customs) like c’mon! Anyway… we got through eventually and headed to our hotel to dropped our bags off and then met our friends. Our hotel was in China Town but still pretty central to the city so it was great. We had dinner with our friends at Hard rock cafe. The food was delicious and and the company even better 😄 

We finished off the night with a look around Clark quay. It’s like the auckland viaduct but on steroids. Everything about this city is awesome.

Friday we spent the day at sentosa island. If im ever next in Singapore I think I’d just spend the whole weekend there. That place is so much fun. We played on the luge a few times and had lunch and cocktails at chilies Mexican. 

That evening we went up marina Bay sands to rise bar. The view was amazing and the drinks weren’t all that expensive.  My cider was actually cheaper up there than hard rock cafe. Anyway, if you’re ever in Singapore, going up the top of marina Bay is a must!! The view is just phenomenal. 

We finished off our last night with a tour of the gardens and the light show at night time. Another must do if you’re ever in Singapore.

This morning we found a hidden little gem from breakfast and coffee called BOTANIST (so good) and then headed home. 
I can’t wait to go back to Singapore and see more.


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