Food aside, another love in my life is travel!! (Combine the two and I’m in heaven) one of my goals is to visit as many places around the world as I possibly can. It’s funny when I speak to people about it. About travel goals,  along side owning a home, having children etc. “Oh you can’t travel when you have a mortgage, oh you won’t be traveling when you have babies” . I laugh! And laugh! …. Watch Me.
Anyway, my ultimate number one place in the world to travel to was always Italy.  Which I did, with my husband in 2014. It was by far our favourite holiday ever. Our first time in Europe.  I never imagined I could be so emotionally attached to a city or place. I remember crying happy years when the plane landed. I could not belive I had landed in my dream country. The first 3 nights were spent in Rome.  What a magic place. I had to touch each building we walked past just to make sure it was real, and not something out of a movie set.  The people were friendly and very helpful. The food and wine 👌👌 amazing. 

One thing I was worried about before heading to Italy was ‘what was I going to eat’ I think we are all brought up with this idea of Italians only eating pizza and pasta and tiramisu and bread. What was I going to do? 

I asked a friend who had been previously if it was all pizza & pasta. Her reply was. No its ok, they still have mcdonalds. 

😫 not the answer I was looking for. 

Did I get the best surprise of my entire life when we were in Italy.  The food is amazing! Incredible, fresh, healthy, … clean eating/ paleo-friendly dream town! Knocked my socks off. Eating out for me, anywhere, can be a pain in the arse. I have to check the menu to see if there’s anything goes on there I’ll be happy to eat

 *** side note: I’m happy to say I’m not as strict on myself as when I first cut out eating processed shit.  But if it’s all deep fried and drowned in sugar sauce and fatty rubbish, I’m not gonna stomach it, even if i am on holiday) sorry, I do actually enjoy eating healthy food.**

In Italy, pasta dishes and pizza, cheese, bread… it’s such a small part of their menu. Not the main attraction at any given restaurant. So there was no ‘having to check menu’s before walking in’ we just picked a place and sat down. Everything was so easy. I was in heaven!!  Although I did make a point to taste test a couple Gelatos and of course the traditional tiramisu. 

Saltimbocca was my ultimate fave in Rome.  I could eat that dish over and over 😍  but continuing on the amazing fresh food… After a few touristy spots we stopped into a little corner store for a snack. It was like a milk bar or 7 eleven. But with a dining area out the back. I certainly did not expect to find fresh grilled chicken breast and fresh tomatoes with basil on the menu of snacks! Someone was looking out for me and my tummy on this trip that’s for sure! 

The other side to Italy that was all fun and games was finding my beloved cider. 
As health conscious as I am, I still enjoy a drink. And if im going to drink alcohol I’m going to have something I enjoy. ( I wish I could like wine, I really do. And funnily Ilya enough the wine in Italy was the only wine I did like. So clean and pure there’s no hangover 😁 ) but finding cider was far inbetween.  We had to hunt out the Irish pubs in each city we visited. And we found them! Ofcourse! I think we found 1 in Rome, 1 in Florence, and 2 in Venice. 

Not long in Florence, we found our regular spot to eat and drink

 I think we were there at least twice a day. Surgios was the name of the cafe/bar/restaurant. The owner was super friendly and taught me a fair bit of Italian vocab. Again, not expensive at all and we were sitting right by the duomo! 

Oh I miss the food,and the people, and the weather, and the energy of Italy ❤❤ 

I would be back in a heart beat given the chance. I feel head over heels in love with Rome. So much so I didn’t give Florence much of a chance for the first day or two because I wasn’t emotionally ready to move on!  And Venice, I cried happy tears when we arrived off the train at the boat warf, and cried tears of sadness when we boarded our boat back to the airport to leave. 2 weeks was definitely not enough.
 If you do get the chance to visit Venice, I highly recommend the island ferry tour that takes you around to 3 different island just off Venice.  It will only take up half a day, but you get to see where they make the lace, and make the glass, and some amazing old churches.  


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