I am loving this stuff for a protein substitute. And luckily for me here in Asia it’s cheap as chips. As a posed to tofu, which is also made from soy beans,  tempeh is a whole soy product. There for containing much higher amounts of protein and fiber. And a firmer texture. On its own tempeh has a slightly nutty flavour too which I love!

BEFORE marinating, one little trick I think really makes the tempeh tastier is steaming or simmering first to open the pores and allow it to soak up all the flavours of your Marinade.  Weather it be a liquid or a dry rub. You only need to do this for about 5 minutes about ND you’re ready to go 🙂

So open your bag of tempeh and either steam in a pot with holes over a pan of boiling water, or simmer in a saucepan with enough water to cover the block of tempeh for 5 minutes.  Pat dry with kitchen paper towel, and then slice into what ever shape your heart desires.

Marinade for atleast 2 hours (overnight even better)

Cook in a hot pan with a little oil for 4 minutes on one side and 3 on the other .

There are so many marinade options but I’ve been using the same sauce with my veggies for the past couple weeks and I’m not ready to change it just yet.

2 tsp miso paste

3 tsp coconut aminos

1 Tbs water

1/2 tsp garlic powder.

Mix together and marinate your tempeh in the fridge for atleast 2 hours. Overnight is optimal.

Heat a fry pan over medium heat with a little oil.

Cook tempeh on one side for 4 minutes and the other side for 3.

Dish up and eat!!!



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