Peanutbutter cups

If you don’t like peanutbutter we can’t be friends. 

Actually… that’d mean I would have to share so I take that back. 

Please don’t like like peanutbutter so I can have it all to myself. 

As i wrote in another post I have a serious addiction!! Just a jar and a spoon is all I need. Even with these.. when I see a recipe that calls for half a cup of peanutbutter I’m like … no but, that’s like half my peanubutter gone

 Not taking into account that I would still be eating that peanubutter 😂. Anyway.. these are amaze.. gluten dairy sugar free and vegan ✌

3/4 cup of nuts (whatever you prefer)

2 Tbs raw cacao

2 Tbs crunchy natural peanubutter 

1 Tbs coconut oil


3 Tbs peanutbutter

2Tbs coconut oil

1 Tbs rice malt syrup


1/2 cup coconut oil

4 Tbs cacao powder

2 Tbs rice malt syrup

(You can always just melt 70% or higher cocoa dark chocolate and pour on top but I prefer to make my own) 

Blend all base ingredients until it all comes together. Then press into silicone muffin moulds.

In a clean blender whizz all peanutbutter filling ingredients and pour evenly over each base. Place in freezer and allow to firm for atleast 30 minutes before topping with chocolate.

In a magic bullet blender, blend chocolate ingredients and pour evenly over top. 

Allow to firm in the freezer over night 


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