Moving to malaysia

Woohoo 2017 is off to…. a very different start to what I imagined a year ago. One a year ago I was planning my wedding, getting settled in to an amazing new job, comfortable in our little home on the gold Coast with our wee fur baby. Planning to start a family and buy a house of our own. Fast forward 6 months and my husband is offered in Malaysia. Around the same time as our wedding. So a bit blower away but boy oh boy was I excited for a new adventure. Although I loved my life and the plans we had, I LOVE to travel and this just threw a whole new spanner in the mix. (Life is exciting like that) my husband was a bit up and down about the idea but I just thought what an incredible opportunity. I was always the one planning holidays here and there while Dennis wanted to quite down and have kids.. now we get to do BOTH! 🤗 anyway.. my husband moved over first while I tied up lose ends with all our belongings, cars, our dog. Who by the way is having the time of his life and i couldn’t not have wished for a better outcome for him. Hardest part of the move for me is being away from my little guy. But his Nana is spoiling him rotten with life on the farm, rides through new Zealand on the use, even doggy day care twice a week. My little social butterfly won’t want to come home with us when we return!

Anyway back on track.. traveling around a new country is one thing. Living in a foreign country however, while new ball game.

Almost 2 months of being here and although i love it most of the time. Ive had a few rough days! I’m am so greatful for the experience and I know the shit bits just add to the adventure but my first month I think I was hit with the big lessons.

First Drive to the supermarket.. anyone driven in Malaysia before? That in its self is a friggin adventure! I’ve learnt not to trust Google maps here. I made it the the supermarket fine. Got what I needed and punched in the address to take me home. I somehow ended up driving in circles 30 minutes in the opposite direction, then straight to the causeway to go to Singapore! I was sitting in the car, at the customs check point, fuel light on, phone battery dieing,. Thank goodness I had my passport in my hand bag and enough cash to buy a touch n go card. But wow. Did I drink a few ciders once I got home or what! To be honest the accomplishment of driving on the chaotic roads here outweighed the customs ordeal so few deep breaths and i was good.

My first haircut- oh lordy. As much as I hate to share this picture, words can’t describe 😂 so the longest part is the length my hair was. Admittedly my ends were pretty bad, however I asked for a trim, just the ends.. he asked if I wanted it the same shape, I said yes…(keep In mind I had no layering in my hair) this is what I was sent home with.

I Left it for 24 hours before calling back into the salon. There’s no way I could leave it Ike that. (I’m so glad I can laugh at this now) the owner apologized profusely and fixed it for me free of charge. And she did a good job, it’s tidy.. but I now have a Bob.  Uhhgggg.. #shorthair I DO care. But it will grow back yes? Lesson number 2 learned.

So after spending the first 3 or 4 weeks here in an apartment my husband had been sharing with a at mate we finally moved to our own place. I like it here and setting up our new home has kept me busy. (Any projects are great now that I’m  other working)

This afternoon we are off to buy a car!! Let’s hope there no mishaps with this adventure. I’ll be following hubby home on the rental while he zooms home in his new WRX. I can see myself loosing him and getting lost already 😁 or I’ll get home first because he’s taken a long Tikka tour to play with his new toy. Watch this space 😉


Updating 4.03.17

Picked up the car on Wednesday.Hubby happy as a boy in a race car! I left him to go for a long drive home. And made my way back in the rental. did NOT get lost *insert fist pump* (it’s all about the little wins) anyhu.. I knew I’d  ever back here to blog about the fucking car! I knew it i knew it. And this is also where I need to remember to listen to my gut! The two things that caught my attention were the speakers in the car and the front headlights. Did I ask him to check them even though my intuition was screaming out at me. No.

So on his way home he discovered that the radio doesn’t work and the head lights don’t work. Awesome for qhen he leaves home at 5.30am for work and it’s pitch black. So back off to the car dealer today to sort these things out. Just really shits me with the amount of money we payed for the car, and the fact we had to wait 2 days as the car had to be sent off for inspection, road worthy etc before the name change. And then they’ve done a dodgy!. Not that it’s any different from buying a used a car anywhere else in the world  motherphukin car sales man adding more adventures to our adventure. Dennis still loves his WRX either way and if he’s happy I’m happy.

Oh I have to add in here my husband explained living in Malaysia perfectly…. it’s like banging your head against a wall to your favourite song..

This place can be frustrating as fuck! But then you get to do awesome shit like buy a wrx and zoom through traffic for 40 minutes and go stay somewhere fancy like jen hotel for a night. 

Now for my husband to teach me to drive manual….. 😂🤗🤔😣😆😥😁😀



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